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Local residents (Graffiti Volunteers) giving up their free time, painting over graffiti tags across Thirroul buildings, local parks and beach public amenties.

Goal: To eliminate graffiti tags from the Thirroul local area. It is considered by many residents to be “visual vandalism.”

Who: A group of local residents is working with local businesses, the RMS, Endeavour Energy, the Police and Wollongong City Council.

How:  Businesses have been approached and given flyers displaying a photo of their property with and without graffiti tagging, a before and after removal shot.


Flyers and information regarding graffiti removal have been distributed throughout Thirroul.
Meetings have been held with council representatives who are very supportive of this cause.
Prompt reporting of graffiti has resulted in fast removal and a decrease in offences.

What You Can Do:

Become a graffiti volunteer & help paint over graffitti tags. More info contact Murray Jones: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All residents are urged to report graffiti as soon as it appears. It is a CRIME!

If you see it, please report it to one of the following:

Graffiti Hotline PH: 4227 7111  or

Wollongong City Council has a number of key partners that assist with the removal of graffiti from private,
commercial and residential properties.

PAL – the Police Assistance Line on 131 444

RMS – Roads & Maritime Services  PH: 4222 3200 (roadside, bridges, traffic signs and signals).

Endeavour Energy 131 008  (you need to supply number on power pole or box).
There are also free products supplied & available at the Wollongong Council.
GRAFFITI APP NOW AVAILABLE FOR SMART PHONE: Vandaltrak is a smart phone application designed for use by the general public and overcomes most of the disadvantages of current graffiti management and reporting. If you see graffiti simply click on your phones Vandaltrak app. Your phone identifies the location, you take a photo and send it thru with some basic info. Vandaltrak does the rest. It distributes the report to the public authority and maintains a centralised database. The benefits are a centralised database of all graffiti which allows offenders to be prosecuted for all recorded offenses, not just those reported to a specific authority. It reduces the effort involved in reporting graffiti by about 90% and automatically collated similar tags.
Please Google “Vandaltrak” for further info.


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How to join us..

Come along to our next meeting:
Sunday 17th Feb 2019 at 4pm
Railway Institute Hall in Thirroul.
Contact Murray Jones

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