MINUTES of GENERAL MEETING Sunday 8th of July 2018

PRESENT: Judy Bourke, John Mebberson, Barbara Mebberson, Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Christine Hill, Ray Smith, Martin Gorrick, John Dalla Pozza, Phillip Clifford, Peter Spencer, Ted Owen, Catherine Philps, Tony Horneman, Annette Jones, Jane Bunting, Matt Bunting, Hellen Gibson, Pam Anderson, John Stubbs, Stephen Kennard.

APOLOGIES: Kay Smith, Gail Chapman, Lynne Parker, Ken Clunas, Susannah Cavill, Ross Dearden, Shaun Prince, Yvonne Whitesmith, Ron Hutchings, Steve Dillon, Warwick Erwin, Kaye Smith.

Meeting opened at 4.20 pm. Minutes of the previous General Meeting of 15th of April 2018 had been distributed by email and were accepted as read.

Secretarys report

Council advised by email that the stairs to McCauley Beach at the end of Corbett Avenue would be built in the location as planned. Our suggestion to move them a few metres north was not acted upon.

Council advised by letter that our concerns regarding LHD traffic congestion during St Michael's School pickup times would not be acted upon. Council felt that, given that the school children pickup process lasts at most 20 minutes, the inconvenience is not significant.

Several spoke to the issue and the meeting decided to pursue this matter via the local member and with NH3.

As there were no responses to the suggestion of investigating an alternate time to 4pm Sundays, TVC meetings will continue to be held at that time.

Anglicare Retirement Village

Joe Steller from Straight Talk, Contractors representing Anglicare, delivered a presentation on changes from the 2006 concept plans for the old Cookson/Plibrico site as shown by the map overleaf.

2006 concept: features retained

  •   One-hectare stand of turpentine forest on the north-west of the site protected for future generations

  •  Derelict industrial buildings removed, improving the appearance of the neighbourhood

  •   North–south access over Tramway Creek for pedestrians and motorists via Geraghty Street

  •   No buildings taller than the existing tree canopy height – generally two to three storeys across much of the site.

    2018: proposed changes

  •  Aboriginal archaeological site beside Cooksons Creek protected for future generations

  •   Dam and road bridge on Cooksons Creek removed from plan, allowing more of the creek to be rehabilitated

  •   Planned retirement village apartments and aged care home moved south of Cooksons Creek

  •   In the future, medium-density homes of up to two storeys on the northern part of the site.



A question and answer session followed. Scheduling details and a time for commencement were not specified.

Zoning and densities of development are already set as R3, the same as the McCauley Beach Estate. It was suggested that consideration be given to the re-opening of the Sturdee Street Bridge.

They key concern was the building of the Tramway Creek Bridge. To prevent undue stress on people living in the McCauley Beach Estate, it was suggested that the Tramway Creek Bridge should be built first. This would provide more direct access and a shorter route for supplies from the south.

Report from Jane Bunting on development at 178/180 LHD

Jane described the oversized Development Application for five 3 storey town houses uphill from her at 178/180 LHD. Jane spoke of many concerns regarding aspestos and all drainage flowing into Kellys Creek. It seems the Applicant resubmits the same faulty DA, knowing it will be sent to the WLPP committee for a final decision. Jane also spoke of the 5 year process it took to replace the failed supporting wall and subsequent land slip into her yard.

The meeting decided that the Secretary should send in a formal response to WCC objecting to the DA and organise other TVC members to do the same by sending out suggestions for suitable content.

Meeting closed 5.30

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