Sunday 5 July 2020, 4pm

ATTENDEES: Murray Jones, Tony Horneman, Ray Smith, Paul Tuckerman, Annette Jones, Stephen Le Bas, Karen Cullen, Marie Ranson, Cath P, Michael Crighton, Ken Clunas, Lynne Parker, Judy Bourke, Bob Cole, Igillett, Mark Clifford

APOLOGIES: Louise Wellington, Susanna Caville, Stephen Young, Helen Gibson

Meeting started at 4.07pm

Ray chaired the meeting.

PLAZA UPDATE - Stephen Le Bas.

Stephen said he and Louise have been busy:

  • Spoke with Chris Millet – Transport for NSW. Said he wrote a report on traffic which was sent to Council. Admitted congestion is a major issue, but no budget to remedy this. Safety is an issue and this might be the issue to push – eg, having 2 lanes each way through Thirroul, one being a passing lane that is not identified as such could cause accidents (eg. left lane turning into King St)
  • Louise has written again to Jessica Saunders at Council requesting a meeting but has not received a response back
  • Louise emailed Councillors and the Lord Mayor and received a response back from the Lord Mayor inviting 3 people to attend a meeting with him. Louise, Stephen and one other to attend
  • Louise wrote to the Councillors and inviting them to attend a meeting. So far Councillors Kershaw and Rimmer have responded and indicated they would attend a meeting
  • Met with Luke McKenzie from Metcash. Metcash are willing to provide support and assistance – moderator, sound system. Suggested a public meeting but this cannot go ahead at present due to COVID-19 restrictions. Will review later
  • Stated that the developers are to meet with the Chris Millet from Transport for NSW this week. Chris agreed to a Zoom meeting after this had taken place. He said that developers usually end up complying with requirements
  • Louise spoke to Council about GIPA requests and received file notes relating to meetings with the developers. The developers have a number of issues to resolve. The clock stops until they come back with answers to the issues identified. Believe the DA should then be re-exhibited
  • Will lodge more GIPA requests
  • Stephen and Louise met with an architectural friend who gave a number of useful suggestions. Also casually met Shaun Prince, local property development manager and discussed the development proposal.

It was mentioned that there was a car ‘protest’ along Redman Ave, Bean St and Arthur St around 3pm today. It was a show of strength about the traffic issue.

It was agreed that the Thirroul Community for a Sustainable Town Centre Facebook group would be the best avenue from which to work to oppose the Plaza development. The TVC would assist and attend the Facebook group meetings. TVC executive to meet to discuss who would attend the Facebook group meetings. Next Facebook meeting on Wednesday 8 July.

Review of action plan (Recent actions in italics):







Write & invite to councillors to meet with TPAC (Thirroul Plaza Action Committee).

Outline our concerns ask for their advice.

Louise and Stephen already written to Councillors. Suggested that all TPAC members write to Councillors encouraging them to arrange a Council submission to go before the SRPP.

All TPAC members to write to the elected Councillors asking them to make an individual and combined Council submission to the SRPP.

Murray, Annette and Ray contacted Councillors. Annette heard back from Councillor Leigh Colacino. Said he is awaiting a report from Council before responding.


Visit Thirroul businesses and encourage them to form a Chamber of Commerce.

Thirroul businesses need their concerns heard.

Done – no appetite for a Thirroul Chamber at present

No further Action


Engage Better Planning Network (BPN) and request their help.

Could be a useful source of information -

Refer to as necessary


Make GIPA requests at council for all documents relating to this DA process, particularly pre-DA lodgement docs. Form a library for these documents.

GIPA requests to be lodged as necessary - Ongoing

Louise, Stephen and Martin


Need to keep the pressure up via media, Facebook etc.

Need a media person who engages to the Thirroul community

Liaise with paper media

Liaise with TV & radio media

Utilise FB & other social media options

Seek advice and guidance from those people in the community with media expertise e.g. Erin and Melissa. Louise and Stephen have contacts with i98 FM. Suggested the ABC 7.30 Report has a web page where can lodge news stories. Suggested maybe have a Facebook competition maybe for best design, best use of mixed use – this way keep the issue at the forefront of people’s minds. Need to be mindful that the land is the developers.

TVC to submit articles to the monthly 2515 Magazine.

TVC and Louise and Stephen to keep in contact with Erin and Melissa.

Maybe TPAC could submit the issue to the 7.30 Report. Tony to make a submission to the 7.30 Report.



Need to develop a strong heritage argument on:



Need to re-read Chapter D12 of the DCP to check if the height restrictions have been adhered to.



Public information sessions & arrange for a petition

Street stalls? Stall at the local football matches. Petition? Paper or On line. Can utilise for on line petition.

TVC members to meet and work out wording for petition. Needs to be carefully worded. Send the petition to the Lord Mayor.


Look into case law regarding mixed use development and look at the issues involved – look at wins and losses.

Will look at this later – nothing done as yet.

Louise, Stephen and Martin


Community needs to come up with an acceptable alternative plan.

e.g. DA acceptable with conditions such as no third residential storey, less apartments, heritage architecture, different entry point.

Suggestion that the community needs to think of what it wants. Need to open the discussion and gather ideas. Could look at holding a public meeting – with COVID restrictions in mind – at Anita’s or Thomas Gibson Park.

If holding a public meeting it needs to be professionally run. Maybe get a local media person involved.

Public meeting postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Agreed position is to defeat the DA in its current form.


Presentation to the SRPP and the importance of organisation:

Need to register intention to speak

Speakers need to be coordinated

No overlapping of issues

Speakers need to be well briefed and prepared



Options for the SRPP

WE, the Thirroul Community:

Oppose the DA

DA approval with variations (see item 9)

DA approval

Suggestion that the community needs to think of what it wants. Need to open the discussion and gather ideas. Could look at holding a public meeting – with COVID restrictions in mind.

Meeting agreed it is best to defeat the DA in its current form.

It was brought to the TVC’s attention that the photos of the Plaza on the TVC website could give a false impression that the TVC supports the development. It was suggested that the TVC deletes the photos from the website. This will be raised with the web master.


Secretary’s Report

  • Received 210 emails
  • Peter Spencer has resigned from the TVC due to personal reasons. He has offered to train people up on the website and mailchimp. Anyone interested in taking on this role?
  • AGM was to be held in 2 weeks time. Due to COVID-19 suggest that this be held face to face later. All agreed.

5 Cliff Parade

Bob Cole was no longer on line to speak on the matter. Murray outlined what had happened and asked members to send in a submission to Council opposing the requested modifications.

4 Wrexham Road

This DA has now been approved.

32-38 Hewitts Ave

This DA is currently before Council. The main issue with this is flooding. GIPA request received after the exhibition period indicated that the developer, Steve Hughes has done what Council suggested – removing one of the town houses – 5 instead of 6. This will allow for a larger storm water drain under the site and provide better overflow path for flood water. The DA will go before the Wollongong Local Planning Panel for a decision.


There has been a marked increase in graffiti and tagging of late. There was none during the lock down. Tony and John Dalla Pozza have been busy painting over this. Tony has been in contact with Endeavour Energy about their box which has been tagged as he is unable to repaint it.

NEXT MEETING: No date set for next Zoom meeting but suggested the end of July 2020.

Meeting closed 5.05pm

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