Saturday 30th May 2020 at 4pm

ATTENDEES: Tony Horneman, Ray Smith, Paul Tuckerman, Martin Gorrick, Annette Jones, John Mebberson, Peter Spencer, Michael Crighton, Bob Cole, Lena Huda, Brett Enman, Stephen Le Bas, Kerrie Anne Christian, Vicki Potter, Chris Lacey, John Hatch, Rick Warr, Roger West

APOLOGIES: Murray Jones, Ross Dearden

Tony to run the meeting due to Murray’s absence.

Anglicare Development:

Late advice about closing date for submissions regarding this development – Friday 29 May at 5pm.

Murray, on behalf of the TVC sent a late submission to the Dept of Planning advising of inconsistencies within the Department’s Assessment Report - Sandon Point Modification No 5.

On page 31 it stated that the 2018 staging plan Anglicare had committed to the delivery of the Tramway Creek Bridge in stage 1a of the development instead of stage 2 as outlined in the 2006 plans. The second last paragraph on page 31 states ‘The Proponent ......includes delivery of the bridge and road extension as part of Stage 1a’

It was pointed out that this is inconsistent with the statement on page 32 ‘The department recommends that the approval be amended to enable delivery of the bridge in either the first or the second stage, to reflect the indicative staging plan’.
It has always been the considered opinion of locals and the TVC that a bridge across Tramway Creek needed to be constructed before any development proceeded as this would avoid trucks during the demolition and construction phase going through the narrow streets of the new estates and onto the heavily congested main roads of Thirroul.

Tony submitted a separate response to the Dept of Planning suggesting the bridge needs to be constructed prior to development.

WCC Development Application (DA) for the Demolition has been approved. Tony has taken a video of the condition of the roads before any truck movements commence. Photos/Video will be taken after as a comparison to ensure any damage is repaired by Anglicare per the DA.

Demolition of the factory will commence soon so it is important to get the bridge across Tramway Creek constructed as a matter of urgency.

Murray will continue liaising with Anglicare.

5 Cliff Road:

Bob Cole outlined events relating to the development that is progressing at 5 Cliff Parade, which is perched on the cliff between Thirroul Beach and Macauley’s Beach

Council approved this DA in 2018 (DA-2018/1592) as a renovation/refurbishment of a 1930’s bungalow

The owner/builder is constructing a 3 storey dwelling on 1.5 metre footings. All others in this area above the cliff have 8 to 10 metre footings and are set back from the cliff face. This building has been approved avoiding such requirements

It was confirmed that the building is constructed of steel and wood

Nothing of this original structure exists. Even when this was pointed out to the private certifier he still decided to sign the construction certificate

Discussion followed about the concerns about the private certification process which came into existence in 1990 and it was suggested that the residents take up their concerns about the private certifier with the body that is responsible for registering them. Bob said that this has already been done without success

The owner/builder submitted a second DA – DA2018/1592/A to remove all of the building but keep the renovation classification (rather than new build). This application was refused. However, work continued

A Building Information Certificate (BIC) was then submitted by the owner/developer with approval provided, thereby regularizing all non-complaint building work that has taken place on the site

Bob and other neighbours have continued to try and have this building assessed as a new building without success

There is concern that as this building is close to the cliff edge, and on insignificant peers that it could cause slippage and actually slip onto the rock platform below

A drone image was presented which shows the building at 5 Cliff Parade is further forward towards the cliff face than all buildings along this stretch of the road

There is a requirement for all owners to build a sea wall as a means to protect the residents and locals. All who live in this area have had to ensure the stability of the land facing the cliff. Bob stated that one neighbour placed massive gabion baskets under their grassed area to ensure stability. It does not appear such requirements are being applied to this site

Bob is in the process of writing to The General Manager of WCC with a copy to the Mayor and Councillors to make them aware of what has happened. He will ask for an independent investigation of the approval process

The TVC will write to Councillor Kershaw to make her aware of the issue as this is of concern, not only for this building but for future proposals

A suggestion was made to write to the NSW Coastal Council, which is part of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - website -, phone number – 1300 361 967, or 9995 555

There was discussion about getting the media involved. Suggested contacting Ben Langford and Erin O’Dwyer.

1. Bob and residents to write to the General Manager of WCC
2. Murray, on behalf of the TVC, to write to Councillor Kershaw
3. Discussions with Murray about getting the press involved – Ben and Erin
4. Write to the NSW Coastal Council

Report on Plaza

Around 350 emails were received by the TVC in the 8 days before exhibition closed.

Council now has to prepare a report looking at and compiling the issues identified in each of the submissions.

This will be submitted to the Southern Regional Planning Panel (SRPP) as the building is over $30 million.

Once with the SRPP the process for locals will start again as presentations will have to be prepared for delivery to the SRPP. Presenters will be called for.

It was interesting to note that nothing was heard from the owners of the Beaches Hotel.

It was reported that the Forte brothers own a number of retail buildings in Thirroul, so this could be start.

It was suggested that Thirroul needs a vision – has a separate chapter dedicated to the village in the DCP – Chapter D12. This may need to be strengthened.

Identified that this is the largest development in Thirroul and that the TVC needs assistance to ensure the community does not lose the village feel due to the proposed development. Any ideas are much appreciated.

Discussions about the TVC linking with the number of social media sites action eg. Thirroul for Sustainable Development, and coordinate action. Stephen suggested that he and Louise could provide assistance and he would be willing to meet.


1. Maintain prominence.
2. Identified that this is the largest development in Thirroul and that the TVC needs assistance - any ideas are much appreciated.
3. TVC to form a sub-committee consisting of TVC members and others in the community concerned about the Plaza development. Contact Stephen and Louise in the first instance to arrange a meeting.
4. Need to continue to keep the media involved - speak to Erin O’Dwyer. Try and get National media involved.
5. Keep pressure on local members and Councillors.
4. Call for 30 kms zones in Thirroul streets.

Local resident Lena spoke about the possibility of have some streets in Thirroul designated 30km per hour zones, as happens in Germany

Lena said that she spent the last week campaigning for a speed limit of 30km per hour in her street in Sandon Point. She received many supportive messages, including the majority of the Wollongong Councillors

She suggested that this is a very simple, achievable goal for residential streets and timing is on our side due to the COVID-19 crisis. It was stated that since social distancing has been introduced on public transport, politicians want people to walk and cycle instead of driving to prevent traffic from collapsing.

Lena stated that there would be little difference in travel times.

The 30km per hour zone would only be in side streets, not the main arterial roads.

There was discussion about traffic along Point Street, which is part of the Tourist Drive, therefore difficult to make 30km per hour.

Tony stated that introduction of 30km per hour around Sandon Point would be a reasonable idea given that there is not much separation between pedestrians, cyclists and cars. However, this is a decision for the RMS and therefore outside the control of this group.

It was pointed out that the TVC as a group focuses on Thirroul, as the TVC does not have the capacity to cover surrounding areas.

Lena said that due to COVID there is a new grant for shared space that is available from the NSW Government of which the Council can apply and suggested that now was the time to write to Council to suggest roads where 30 km zones might be possible. Closing date is 10th June.

Lena to send details to the TVC website for consideration.

5. ASIC Documentation:

Discussion about if the TVC should publish ASIC documents containing developers’ details on the TVC website
A suggestion was made by a member that we should do this, but only if in agreeance
All committee members at the meeting agreed not to release these documents.

6. Donations to the TVC
The TVC is an unincorporated association. There are no paid members and we don’t pay tax.

The TVC is not involved in any fund raising activities.

The TVC can accept donations but these are not tax deductible.

The TVC is not actively seeking any donations at present but this does not prevent us from accepting any donations that are offered.

Agreed that we will accept the donation offered to us at this time.

Other Business:

Tony reported that the Graffiti Group held a successful meeting
Annette mentioned that she and Ray were working on 2 recently re-submitted DAs – 6 Gum Tree Lane and 4 Wrexham Road.

Discussion about what is happening near Woolworths at Bulli. There is major stormwater drainage work happening. Thought this relates to extended parking, or a new fast food outlet. Unsure at present. Note after the meeting from Murray. A sign at Woolworths Bulli implied that the work is all for carparking.
Next meeting:

No date agreed to.
Executive of the TVC to get together soon.
Set up a Plaza sub-committee.
Meeting closed 5.20pm.

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