Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 28th of May 2017

PRESENT: Paul Tuckerman, Murray Jones, Christine Hill, Annette Jones, John Mebberson, Barbara Mebberson, Judy Bourke, Sylvia Wishart, Ginna Hastings, John Dalla Pozza, Ken Clunas.

APOLOGIES:  Kay Smith, Ray Smith, Anne Price, Cr. Greg Petty, Ron Hutchings, Linda Cortie, Phillip Laird, Kerry Stratton, Miranda Johnston, Adrian Johnston, Lynne Parker, Peter Spencer.

 The General Meeting commenced at 2.25 pm.  The minutes of the previous meeting on the 19th of February were accepted as read.

The Secretary briefly reported on the success of the Seaside and Arts Festival.

The Treasurer reported on the current balance of $3,995.15

Agenda items.

1) The meeting unanimously agreed to send a Certificate of Appreciation to Gary Chapman for 13 years of service including 5 years as Vice President

2) Barbara's reported on meeting with Mr. Coyte along with Kay Smith Manager Council Services on Friday where the poor condition of the children's beach park.  Many spiky plants are close to children and the maintenance is non-existent.  Council ground staff then object when we undertake basic maintenance.  The rubber matting is breaking up and the bubbler is leaking. The meeting was described as vacuous.

It was decided that the secretary should write to the General Manager and three Councilors emphasise the danger to children and prospect of potential litigation.

With Council elections scheduled for September, Murray proposed that we compile a list of concerns that should be addressed by Elected Councillors.  These were suggested as.

street image

Fords, Hicks and Mt Gilead Road as shown in the loop are long overdue for kerb, gutters and underground drainage. Are there any other rural style  streets in Greater Wollongong  totally surrounded by streets with kerb, gutters and drainage?

The carpark near the Cenotaph be modified to allow for a significant number of 2 hour parking spots as well as a designated spot for disabled parking.

Sections of the Thirroul Beach Promenade collapsing, and is close to 70 years old, can this problem be addressed as a whole, and not a patchwork of repairs?

Funding Distribution seems city centric to the detriment of the outlying areas.

Station Street through lacks underground drainage and this directly contributes to low level flooding on the NE corner of Gibson Park.

The distribution of dots on this map of the Illawarra show that Thirroul is due WCC's next skate park.

map thirroul future skate park

In view of the pending Council Election it was decided to move the AGM to the September 17 meeting and leave August 6 as a general meeting to allow time to discuss election issues.

Suggestions for method of communications with prospective Councilors are;


direct meetings

organise or participate a public forum 

It was decided that the Executive should best decide how to distribute these issues to prospective Councillors.

The meetings for the rest of the year are as follows.

6 August 

17 September - AGM
26 November

The meeting closed at 3.30pm

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