Minutes of the general meeting held on Sunday 2nd November, 2014
PRESENT:  Paul Tuckerman, John Mebberson, Lynne Parker, Ray Smith, Murray Jones, Gary Chapman, Lynne Jones, Christine Hill, Judy Bourke.
APOLOGIES: Barbara Mebberson, Peter Spencer, Sylvia Wishart,  Linda Cortie, Adrian Johnston, Miranda Johnston, Catherine Philps, Steve Dillon, Kay Smith.
The general meeting commenced at 4.07 pm.
The minutes of the AGM and normal meetings of the 24th of August as previously distributed to members via email and were accepted as read without amendment.  
Secretary’s Report
Murray reported on banking two cheques
1) $150 donation from the Lions Club.  
2) $100 from McGrath Real Estate for a website advertising subscription.
With Kevin Rowlands committing $100 for website advertising for his accounting firm PRS, there will be a total of $450 received for the website.  Over two years to date there has been $477 outgoing, leaving a negative balance of $27 on the website which will be made up by the next advertising subscriber.  Current bank balance is $972.96.
Correspondence in
1) An invitation from WCC for interested parties to attend the Independent Hearing and Assessment panel meeting (IHAP) on the subdivision of the Headlands Hotel site to be held next Tuesday 4th November at 5pm at WCCC.
2) Email from David Hubbard of the Lions Club regarding the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival asking;
a. If we would like to participate as per last year, with a display tent in Jackson Park on the Saturday.
b. A call for “general duty” volunteers to help out on both days of the festival.
Both to be discussed later
Correspondence out
Email sent to the Heritage Department agreeing with their approach as contained in their recent publication on the restoration of the building on Thirroul Railway Station platform 2/3 and asking that local contractors be given the option to tender for the work.  This was the end result of TVC discussions via email in October.
Discussion items
Seaside and Arts Festival
Discussions on the next Seaside and Arts Festival, to be held on 20-22 March. As per the email above, last year the Lions Club provided us with a tent from which we presented activities of the Thirroul Village Committee. There was a unanimous consensus that we should take up the invitation.  Ideas put forward were;  
1. present past and current TVC projects via photos on sandwich boards
2. tables and other furniture could be sourced from within the TVC
3. have a laptop displaying the website
4. seek annual sponsorships for advertising
5. seek donations for Graffiti and gardening
6. Peter Spencer could be asked to provide photos
7. Men’s Shed could be asked to provide sandwich boards and help to meet other specialised requirements.
Lynne Jones offered to help in the lead up but will be away on the festival weekend.  It was decided that planning will commence at the next meeting.

New Treasurer
Murray as Secretary/Treasurer explained the need for a dedicated Treasurer.   Up until now the number of financial transactions numbered 2 or 3 a year.  With money coming in through website advertising, and the increasing need to cover the costs associated with graffiti control and gardening, Murray saw the need for a dedicated Treasurer. Murray sought a nominee directly amongst TVC members and John Mebberson volunteered his services.
John Mebberson was nominated for the role as Treasurer and was elected unopposed. The committee then agreed to have two out of three of the executive to be signatories.  Paul moved a motion of thanks to the outgoing Treasurer.
Headlands Hotel
Murray stated that the WCC IHAP invitation detailed a separation of the current series of housing blocks into two large blocks for the purpose of sub division and strata titling to suit legal aspects of the sale of the sixty seven apartments and Tavern.
Murray explained the operation of the IHAP meeting based on his recollection of a similar previous meeting.  Lynne explained the three minute speech limit and the need to listen to each speaker and not repeat any point raised by a previous speaker.  Ray asked for clarification of both sides of the argument that could be put at the meeting.  Discussion ensued.  The points raised were;
• Would the Tavern be built first?
• What controls will be implemented to prevent the 57 units in a tourism zone being used for private accommodation?
• How was it proven that the 2004 DA development had commenced?
• What happened to Councils draft plans for the site as put forward in 2008?
• Need for the situation to be finalised and the derelict building to be removed as soon as possible and be replaced by a commercially viable enterprise.
Lynne stated the need for these points to be covered at the meeting by registered speakers.
Murray explained that he had written to Council asking for an explanation of the differences between the 2004 DA and the most recent DA.  The response from Council was confusing, but did not list any meaningful differences.  Thus the 2004 DA is virtually unchanged and what is planned for the site could have been built several years ago.  
Lynne explained that the Judgment as put forward by the land and environment court many years ago required that
1) there be no further subdivision and
2) a single plan of management by a single entity be implemented for the leasing of the serviced apartments for tourism.  
Paul suggested that we adopt the position of support for the Land and Environment Court judgment that the land not be subdivided and the apartment be primarily used for tourism.    
Lynne and Murray offered to attend and were endorsed to speak on behalf of the TVC.

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