Please accept this document as feedback from the Thirroul Village Committee (TVC) on the proposed changes as displayed on WCC website to the Thirroul Beach Kiosk, now renamed the Thirroul Bathers Pavilion.
Distance from local residents and under-utilised night time parking facilities makes expanding the Thirroul Beach Kiosk into a restaurant/Kiosk a logical move. WCC propose to achieve this by expanding into the former residential section on the western side.  The TVC agrees in general with the proposal and would like to put forward the following suggestions for consideration.


Figure 1 Beach Pavilion plans.
1. The TVC would like to see the eastern side of the Pavilion being used as a Café during the day. This section could double as a section of the restaurant at night. We object to the current lessee’s attempt to utilise the eastern section as a restaurant where beach attire is not acceptable.
2. Halving the area available for the dressing sheds by introduction of empty porticos to the change room space, as marked by X on figure 1, above does not seem logical.  The size of these empty porticos should be reduced.
3. This has also removed the shaded section provided by the pavilions eaves at the northern end of the men’s change rooms. Thus there will be little shade in the men’s change rooms on a hot summer’s day.
4. We do not understand the logic of having open plan shower areas but private dressing cubicles.
5. As circled in black in the plan above, the entrance to the day Kiosk is next to the entrance to the men's change rooms. Should the two busiest entrances be adjoining?
6. The new toilets facilities for restaurant patrons as mentioned in the FAQ document are not shown on the plans.  
7. The plans do not appear to show room for a commercial kitchen.
8. The new design indicates that the number of male toilets directly accessible from outside the pavilion on the park side has been reduced from two plus one disabled to one plus one disabled. This is insufficient given the high usage of the parks during summer months.
9. It appears that the current design calls for six different sets of toilet facilities, two each for park users, change room users and restaurant patrons. We do not see the need for six sets of toilet facilities.  Would it be possible for the architect to rationalise this to be, at the most, four larger sets?
10. The new plan also shows the showers located at the opposite end of the change room to the entrance, which would result in water and wet sand being deposited by patrons through the change rooms. The current arrangement of having showers near the entrance in the change rooms prevents this occurrence. This wet section will reduce the amount of change space available to patrons.  Some groups of patron, e.g. a man trying to change two young children will not be able to use cubicles.  There is simply not enough space for several such groups thus the change rooms are too small.
11. There is a lack of sunshade for the beachside café patrons.  Previously large colourful umbrellas have been used in the café area. Facilities to hold commercial grade umbrellas could be installed.
12. Is there a need to maintain the two cleaner cupboards as circled in red on figure 1?  There would be a similar storage area in the large Council staff facilities behind the lifeguard’s office at the northern end of the pool.  If only one cleaner is normally on duty would it not be more secure to maintain one storage area in the area that is dedicated to council staff?  The space of these two cupboard sections could then incorporated into the changing rooms.

Other related issues not mentioned in the proposal:
1. Suitable garden beds strategically placed around the pavilion.
2. New location for industrial waste bins is required away from main beach and pavilion access ways and within presentable enclosure.
3. Better promenade lighting.
4. Resurfacing of the surrounding promenade.
5. Lack of timber seating on the promenade. Current metal seats are too hot during summer.
6. Relocation of the Amy memorial from access road roundabout to the grassed area near pavilion required to prevent further damage.
7. Need to continue pavilion colour scheme for the pool surrounds and lifeguard offices.
The issues raised here suggest the need for further community consultation.  One possible way to would be to arrange for the architects to attend a neighbourhood forum three meeting.  Please accept these comments as constructive criticism with the aim of creating a better public facility.
Yours Sincerely, 
Murray Jones
Thirroul Village Committee




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