Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival
April 3th, 4th & 5th
Annual Event
Art, Live Music, Stalls, Talent Quests, Kids Activities,
Food, Rides, Photography, Surf Grommet Competition & much more...
Thirroul Railway Institute Hall
Sunday 26th April at 4pm
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We are working towards a graffiti free Thirroul
Thirroul Village Committee
@ Thirroul Festival - W F Jackson Park
Thirroul Olympic Pool
Carols by the Beach
Thirroul Beach Reserve
Thirroul Annual Event
Anzac Day- Woodward Memorial Park
April 25th
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Latest News

Anglicare Development - Old Cookson Plibrico Site at Bulli Anglicare Development - Old Cookson Plibrico Site at Bulli DECEMBER 14, 2018 SUBMISSION ON MP 06_0094 MOD 5 MODIFICATION TO CONCEPT PLAN (SANDON POINT REDEVELOPMENT) INTRODUCTION I write as the Secretary of the Thirroul Village Committee (TVC). The TVC is a group of local residents who share a keen interest in the future of Thirroul and its surrounds. The Committee was formed in 1991 and established one of the Illawarra’s leading community Festivals: the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival. The TVC is a non-partisan organisation with a contact...
Development Application: 13 Pass Avenue, Thirroul Development Application: 13 Pass Avenue, Thirroul November 7 2018 Kristy Robinson Senior Development Project Officer Wollongong City Council 41 Burelli Street Wollongong Dear Kristy, Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the development application DA-2018/914 submitted for 13 Pass Avenue Thirroul. I am writing as Secretary of the Thirroul Village Committee and as such numerous local residents have expressed their objection to this D. A. The primary concern is that this development will result in four separate three bedroom dwellings...
Development Application: 178-180 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul Development Application: 178-180 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul July 13 2018 Jessica Saunders Development Project Officer Wollongong City Council 41 Burelli Street Wollongong Dear Jessica, DA–2017/1316 IN RESPECT OF 178-180 LAWRENCE HARGRAVE DRIVE, THIRROUL Introduction Please accept this document as a submission prepared by members of the Thirroul Village Committee (TVC) objecting to DA–2017/1316 for 178/180 Lawrence Hargrave Drive Thirroul.
Amy Monument - Thirroul Beach Amy Monument - Thirroul Beach Letter sent to Wollongong Council & the Illawarra Mercury on 20th March 2017. Concerns about the Amy Monument at Thirroul Beach. Dear Sir/Madam Would you be interested in running a story about the Amy Monument at Thirroul Beach? This marble memorial commemorates the sinking of the little collier Amy in a terrible galeIn February 1898 with all hands lost despite the valiant efforts and bravery of Thirroul people to save them. As you can see in the photographs the Amy Monument is in a precarious...
Overpass Safety Fence Thirroul Overpass Safety Fence Thirroul This letter was sent to the General Manager of Wollongong City Council to draw attention to the unsafe fencing near St Micheal's School 28 July 2016...
Telstra Exchange Thirroul Telstra Exchange Thirroul This information drawing attention to the shabby condition of Telstra's Telephone Exchange was posted via the Telstra Website to their complaints department 29th July 2016
Thirroul Railway Car Park Concerns Thirroul Railway Car Park Concerns   The Thirroul Transport Committee combines the efforts of Neighborhood Forum 3 and the Thirroul Village Committee to address the problems caused by the release of the 2013 train timetable. The key achievement has been introduction of five additional stops for Austinmer peak hour.  The Thirroul Transport Committee aims for full restoration of services to pre 2013 levels...  
Traffic Issues Traffic Issues Options for roads that could be used in case of road blockages at the bottom of Bulli Pass and/or the overhead railway bridge in Thirroul.Possible access roads for Thirroul. 1.  Alternatives in case of a blockage of the Railway  bridge, Lawrence Hargrave Drive (LHD) Thirroul A.  Phillip Street – Foothills Road   - greenThis road is marked on many maps.  It was useable up until thirty years ago.   It could be used immediately by 4WD’s.  It could...
Overhead Bridge Overhead Bridge A recent accident on the Thirroul bridge, where a car demolished part of the corrugated steel pedestrian safety railing and squashed it back to the fencing has once again highlighted the inadequacies of this old-fashioned bridge.  The old level crossing by the station was regarded as unsafe by 1909 when the Railway Commissioners were seeking to obtain land on which to build, but the new bridge was finally opened in July 1916.
Combating Graffiti Combating Graffiti   Local residents (Graffiti Volunteers) giving up their free time, painting over graffiti tags across Thirroul buildings, local parks and beach public amenties. Goal: To eliminate graffiti tags from the Thirroul local area. It is considered by many residents to be “visual vandalism.” Who: A group of local residents is working with local businesses, the RMS, Endeavour Energy, the Police and Wollongong City Council. How:  Businesses have been approached and given flyers displaying...
Grand Pacific Walk Grand Pacific Walk The “Grand Pacific Walk” (GPW). The Thirroul Village Committee (TVC) discussed this concept at a recent meeting and decided to endorse the concept and the plans as put forward to date, especially as a way to encourage family based tourism.

Recent Actions

The Facade The Facade In 2004 Council approved plans for the new three storey Thirroul Plaza Shopping Centre.  These plans were accepted by most residents as a significant enhancement in amenity and covered the area...
Beach Markets Beach Markets In early September 2013, WCC published a development application (DA) from two businesswoman to establish markets on Thirroul Beach.  The markets were proposed to operate on each Saturday for a...
Thirroul Bathers' Pavilion Refurbishment Thirroul Bathers' Pavilion Refurbishment   Please accept this document as feedback from the Thirroul Village Committee (TVC) on the proposed changes as displayed on WCC website to the Thirroul Beach Kiosk, now renamed the Thirroul Bathers...




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